About Us




The Bold Move

Passionate about Food and client service.

Promises of excellent quality at budget prices.
Personalized crafted menus.
Unique, creative and innovative food.
This was the vision that propelled me to leave a full time job and go Solo.
Scary - OH YES
Worth it - Definitely


The Big Move

Exciting, Frightening but a big move was on the horizon. From my small home kitchen to a kitchen at Community
House in Salt River.

Amazing tenants who supported me with orders for events and workshop catering. I could no longer do all the work on my own, it was time to employ additional staff. No longer a one man show, we were now the amazing About Thyme Catering & Events team.


First Big Order

I have a "Never say NO policy." This policy was tested when I got an order for 1000 lunches. My first response was YES
NO PROBLEM. The panic set in later.

I love to organize and the logic side of me kicked in Planning each step, from ordering to cooking to packing, the catering was a HUGE success.

The 1000 meals became a regular order and before we knew it we were doing décor, staffing and so much more. It was time to grow our team again.



Outdoor Catering

About Thyme is all about Innovation & Exciting challenges. We never want to do the same thing the same way. So it was time to venture into something new. SPITBRAAI, Outdoor cooking Private Cheffing and festivals. Word of mouth spread and soon we had so much work we had to grow our team once again And sadly we outgrew our beloved kitchen.


New Premises

We are moving to a kitchen 5 times the size of the one we had.

We rented a blank Canvas and had to do fit out, paint , get everything up to code while still doing functions and events from our kitchen in Salt River.

Then the BIG DAY came and we moved in. So much space. We were in our new kitchen 4 months when we got the HUGE event Catering for 5000 and a VIP lounge. Change is
necessary for growth.


New Challenges

Covid hit and things looked bleak, but I do not believe in procrastinating and allow circumstances to dictate our futures.

So in the first week of lockdown, I meet with a few of my staff members and designed an Ecommerce online Deli store called Deli Thyme.

You could now order food, freezer meals, platters, soups, salads, Banting, Vegan & Keto meals online. Made fresh to freeze. With specials and gifts to all our customers we saw sales soar.

You want it - we find it - we deliver to your house.
As lockdown changed so did our catering services.
With new ideas we are growing and have big plans for our future.